Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Saturday of Go-Cart Design-build + Porch Designing...

A recent artist installation done by Bilal and Qasim Salam; two Tarchitects llc mentees who will be architectural interns at the architecture firm in the summer of 2009. Tarchitects llc is an architectural design firm which focuses on urban development while provoking diversity in the field of architecture through a series of design workshops for youth.

The House of World Peace

6th and 7th graders learning to read real architectural drawings; plans, elevations, section, details reflected ceiling plans, just like real architects do. Nothing is out of their reach!

Floor to wall section designed for the didactic nature of the project. World "Piece" House. As in pieces of a house that is its self designed for peace.

"As part of the Tarchitects llc vision we maintain that the inner-city youth of our time has little knowledge or exposure to the field of architecture, and it is our goal to better expose them to the field through a series of architectural design workshops. The workshops are gestures made by Tarchitects llc in hopes to provoke diversity into the field of architecture in the not too distant future." Tariq Abdullah, NOMA Principal at Tarchitects llc.

Workshop Curriculum:

WORKSHOP ONE will launch a short poetry segment that will be used to extract the students’ personal ideas and thoughts on the workshop’s theme of World Peace. Workshop ONE will also introduce and define the terms “architecture” and “architect” to the students as the study of the built environment, and one who attempt to create solutions to problems through the designing and building of structures. With this in mind through the entire workshop process, the students are encouraged and directed to attempt resolving the problem(s) of world peace that they themselves have identified through their poetry or the poetry of their peers. These architectural solutions will be communicated through architectural drawings, models and other architectural means of presentation that will be taught in the workshops.

WORKSHOP TWO will focus primarily on the building’s program, form and site. The students will be introduced to formal architectural drawings as well in this workshop.

WORKSHOP THREE will concentrate on architectural drawings including conceptual drawing and sketching, as well as formal plans, elevations, sections, reflected ceiling plans and details.

WORKSHOP FOUR will also focus on site. Students will be given an option to participate in a take-home sketch assignment that focuses on one element of their personal design project. This workshop will introduce architectural modeling, rendering methods, and color composition.

WORKSHOP FIVE will give the students the opportunity to finalize their projects and participate in group design sketch projects, where the students will collaborate within small groups and attempt to solve a real architectural problem using the design skills learned in the other workshops.

Exhibition: The exhibition of all of the students work will open at the Saturday of the following week. The top ten poems will be read at the exhibition and all students will be given a diploma of completion of a “Tarchitects Youth Design Workshop”.

Dates: Visit or call 770.634.0970 in Georgia- 313.600.0755 in Michigan- for information and dates. Reserve this program for your youth group today!

*additional consideration will be given to students who demonstrate outstanding qualifications. One day every community will have affordable access to architects!